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The idea of Accent Culture stemmed from my passion for jewelry - I loved layering necklaces, but as a recent poor college graduate, I couldn’t afford the best quality so I would resort to buying cheap jewelry. I created Accent Culture as a dainty jewelry line that even college students can afford.

It started as a small project to create dainty pieces for friends, family, and myself. Over the past year, it started growing more than I had ever imagined! My one-woman business operation expanded to two, as my partner Henry graciously offered to help me.

Now, Accent Culture has sold over 80,000 pieces of jewelry! All of our pieces are handmade with love in our little studio in Los Angeles, CA. We strive to create dainty layering pieces to complement the chic and modern woman. We still stand by our initial intent of creating affordable jewelry, but now we also offer higher-end jewelry (gold filled/sterling silver) to reach a wider range of customers.

We couldn’t do this without all the support from our friends, family, and customers. Thank you for stopping by & supporting us! Without you, we couldn't be where we are today. <3 

-XO Olivia